It’s not uncommon to find others already asking your questions. Here’s a quick list of questions our great tenants have had answered:


What if our toilet is overflowing?
As a courtesy, we will plunge your toilet if the toilet overflows as a result of a clog (e.g., too much toilet paper). Ideally, you should invest in a plunger. If it is an emergency, please contact us immediately to address the issue

I'm having trouble accessing the internet
Please contact the following internet support teams based on your place of residence:All properties (Excluding 250 Lester Street)
Rogers/Comu https://portal.kw4rent.com250 Lester Street
TriCityWifi 519 722-WIFI (9434)

I can’t seem to log-on to my Tenant Portal
Your Tenant Portal is accessible 24/7. If you’re having difficulty logging on, it could be due to an outstanding balance on the account. This could be missing documents or payments. You will be unable to log-on to your Tenant Portal until your account is up-to-date.

Our heating and/or A/C is not working!
Please ensure your thermostat is set correctly to heat or cool and the fan is on “Auto” setting. Then ensure all windows are closed properly and in the lock position. If this still does not fix the issue, you can log into your personalized tenant portal to file a maintenance request. This can be done through your tenant portal by clicking on the Service tab and selecting Maintenance Request.

What if I get myself locked out of the unit?
If you forget your keys or get locked out of the unit, we will open it for you once free of charge during regular business hours. If we come to unlock the unit outside the regular business hours, or on repeat occasions, there will be a $40 charge.

What if we lose power due to the tripped breaker?
An overloaded circuit is the primary reason for a breaker tripping and occurs when a circuit has more connected electrical load than it is supposed to have. First, make sure that you have turned off all appliances and devices that are connected to that breaker. You will know which these are, as they will not currently be working. Locate the electrical box and find the breaker that has tripped. Push it back to the “off” position (it may already be there) and then back to the “on” position like all the other breakers. If this does not work, please file a maintenance request. This can be done through your Tenant Portal by clicking on the Service tab and selecting Maintenance Request. There are also reset buttons on select GFI outlets, only to be pressed if you lose power from the outlets and the orange indicator light is on.

What is a key deposit?
A key deposit is $200 payable at the time of move in. At the end of your occupancy, once your room is emptied and cleaned, an outgoing inspection will be completed to ensure that there are no damages, in which case your deposit will be mailed back to you within 4-8 weeks.

Can I sublet my room?
Yes, you can sublet your room. All you have to do is submit a Sublet Request. This can be done through your tenant portal by clicking on the Service tab and selecting Sublet Request. We will continue to deposit your post-dated cheques and the subletter will pay the rent directly to you.

What is included in rent?
Your rent includes heating, hot and cold water, snow removal, maintenance and cleaning of building common areas. Unlimited highspeed internet is also included at no extra charge. Electricity/hydro, cable TV and phone are the tenant’s responsibility, but we can provide you with all necessary contact numbers to make connection arrangements.

There isn't a shower curtain, do I need to purchase one?
Yes. As per your signed lease, you have agreed to purchase your own shower curtain to prevent water damage throughout your suite/unit and the property. Water damage as a result of a missing shower curtain is your responsibility, meaning the cost associated with such damages will be charged to the leaseholder. Floor mats are highly recommended as well.

How do I acquire parking for myself and visitors?
Parking is provided by and can be acquired through Honk. Simply download the Honk mobile app to search, reserve and pay for parking as needed.

Are cars allowed to be parked on the street overnight?
Every license plate is allowed 15 free street parking exemptions throughout January-December with City of Waterloo. Check the City of Waterloo’s website for information on snow bans in the coming months. You can visit www.waterloo.ca/en/parking/ to register your vehicle.

Is there Accessible Parking available?
Yes, our buildings have Accessible Parking as well as accessible entrances.

Do you rent to individuals or groups?
We rent to both individuals and groups.

If I sign a 1, 2 or 3 year lease do I still need to submit a Termination Form?
Yes, you are still required to provide a Termination Form to our office on or before the deadline. Information regarding the deadline, along with the Termination Form, are available from our office.

I’m graduating this year and finishing my last term at the end of August. I want to ensure I end my lease on time (end of August). Does that mean I don’t need to submit a termination notice?
You still need to submit a Termination Form to our office to end your occupancy. Information regarding the deadline, along with the Termination Form, are available from our office.

Are there pets allowed?
Pets are not permitted in any of the units as a courtesy to other students who may have allergies.

Are there laundry facilities?
Yes, all of our buildings are equipped with laundry card operated washers and dryers.

How do I use my laundry card?
Insert your laundry card and your cash or other method of payment into a CTC (Cash-To-Card) machine located in the main lobby area. The CTC machine retains the cash, which is electronically posted as credit onto your laundry card. Once loaded with credit, the laundry card can be inserted into the washer or dryer, which will automatically debit the laundry card. The remaining balance on the laundry card can be digitally displayed on the washer or dryer when used OR can be accessed by inserting it back into the CTC machine.Laundry cards can also be reloaded online or at the CTC machine by using a credit or debit card. Please refer to http://www.coin-o-matic.com for more information.

I can't lock my balcony door at 250 Lester Street. Does the lock work?
Your door handle lock is designed to lock a specific way. In order to lock the door from the interior of your suite/unit, please turn the lever upwards prior to turning the lock.

What is a last month rent deposit?
KW4Rent collects a deposit, equivalent to a month’s rent, at the time of signing. This is cashed when your lease is signed, and covers the very last month you live with us.

Do I need to purchase tenant insurance?
We encourage our tenants to purchase insurance, in the event of a flood or fire. Consult your parents’ homeowners insurance, as it often covers full-time post-secondary students living away from home.

Where can I find the Damage Charge list?
You may contact the us toll-free at 1-855-644-3478 or email us at info@kw4rent.com