Questions to Consider

Questions to consider, Waterloo student rental properties - KW4Rent

Searching for off-campus housing should not be a daunting task. To ensure you are making the best decision, here is a list of questions you should ask of any housing company.


The Lease

  • Is it a group lease? What happens if one roommate leaves?
  • What pricing options are available? Which option fits my budget?
  • Can we get a cheaper rate if we rent the entire unit?
  • How long is the lease term?
  • Can I sublet?
  • Is there a charge if I terminate early?
  • Is there a deadline to terminate my lease for the end of the school year?

The Fees

  • Is there a fee for someone to take over my lease?
  • Does my rent increase every year?

…and everything else!

  • Do I get rewarded for referring a friend?
  • Can two or more people live in the same room?
  • What furniture do you provide? What if we only need certain pieces of furniture?
  • What happens if the building is not built on time?
  • Can you guarantee everyone in my unit to be of the same gender?

Your Utilities and Amenities

  • How far are the properties from my school? Are there bus stops close by?
  • Is Internet included? If so, is it high speed? Is it unlimited?
  • Does the unit have a dishwasher?
  • Does the unit have A/C?
  • What utilities are included in my rent? What utilities do I need to pay extra for?
  • Do the buildings have a study area?
  • What extra amenities are available to me?
  • Do the buildings have bike storage? Is there a fee?
  • Do the buildings have parking? Outdoor or indoor? Is there a fee?
  • Do you have a discount for renting parking for more than 4 months?
  • Is guest parking available? Is there a fee? How long does a guest pass last?
  • Do the buildings have laundry facilities? How do I pay to do laundry?
  • Are there food facilities in/near the buildings? Do tenants get a discount?
  • Is there a fee for sublet parking? Can I transfer my parking to my sublet?
  • Why is hydro not included?

Your Security and Maintenance

  • Do you have security guards available 24 hours a day?
  • Are maintenance issues guaranteed to be resolved within 24 hours? Is there a fee?
  • Will maintenance solve minor issues such as a toilet clog or light bulb replacement?
  • Can I get the contact information of future roommates?
  • Are there cleaning services that can be provided for my room?
  • How often are the common areas cleaned?
  • Who takes care of the landscaping and snow removal?
  • Is there a fee if I lock myself out of my unit?
  • How fast will someone respond to my questions and/or concerns?
  • Is there someone I can reach at any time of the day, including weekends and holidays, for emergencies, general questions and/or concerns?