Pro-Tips For Living With KW4Rent

Student How-to Guide

We’re happy you chose to live closer to campus with KW4Rent!


By now you’re all settled into your new rooms, made friendly with some new faces and are getting right into the grind of student life. We know that moving into a new place, whether it’s up the street or across the country, is a bit of an adjustment. Our team created this KW4Rent how-to guide to help guide you through our buildings and our company.

Roommate Routines

At KW4Rent we rent by the bedroom, and not by the unit. This is a great opportunity for you to meet new people, learn new things and find new friends. The downside of not knowing who your roommates are off the bat, is that certain conversations, like cleaning, can be a bit awkward.


On move-in weekend, we presented each new tenant with a KW4Rent dry erase calendar. These calendars have a recommended cleaning schedule that help you and your roommates develop routines to help keep your apartment clean. If you didn’t get a calendar, or if you’re a returning tenant and want an updated one, please visit the KW4Rent office. We only have a limited stock, so they’ll be given out on a first come, first served basis.


Every KW4Rent building has its own parking lot. Depending on the building, your lotkw4rent-parking-nightlysecurity may have options for covered, uncovered or underground parking. Each parking type also has its own cost affiliated with it and passes can be purchased by the month, term, or year.


As a KW4Rent tenant you have 15 free visitor passes a year. These can be used in our lots at any time throughout the year, but no longer than three days in a row. In addition to our visitor passes, City of Waterloo also has an overnight parking registry. Each license plate is eligible for 15 parking exemptions per calendar year.


KW4Rent buildings have unassigned parking, but our lots are monitored daily. Cars found parking in our lots without a parking pass will be ticketed.


If you’re ordering items and want them delivered directly to your unit, you’ll have to write your address as follows:


Unit Number-Building Number Street Name, Waterloo ON  Postal Code. It should end up looking like this:

505-203 Lester Street, Waterloo ON  N2L 0B5


Canada Post has a handy Find a Postal Code page on their website if you’re unsure what your postal code is. You type an address and the postal code populates based on the data you entered.


If you aren’t home at the time of the delivery, the delivery service will leave a ticket on the main lobby door with your name. Depending on the company, they’ll either try again the following day, or let you know where your parcel can be picked up.


203-lester-living-room-student-apartmentKW4Rent buildings come fully furnished with key items that every student apartment needs. Our common areas have a living room set, and a dining table with chairs. The bedrooms come with a bedframe, mattress, desk, and either a wardrobe with drawers, or a closet paired with under-the-bed drawers.


We love seeing that a lot of our tenants are decorating your spaces and really making it yours. From the wall art, shower curtains and desk chairs, we’re seeing so much personality around your units. This is amazing for us to see because it means that you’re making your apartment into your home.


Maintenance Requests

Our maintenance team has grown larger and more efficient over the past few years. If there is an issue with your unit or bedroom, the best way to get that addressed quickly is to file a maintenance request.


These can be filed under your tenant portal. The maintenance request button is under the service tab.


Did you know you can also file maintenance requests for the building as well? If you see something in the hallways or stairwell of your building, please let us know by filing a maintenance request. This will automatically put this in the queue to let our team know.

Electricity (Hydro) Bill

By now you should have your account fully set-up with Waterloo North Hydro. Your hydro is billed bi-monthly and should be split between you and your roommates. There are a lot of tricks you can do to help keep your hydro bill down.

  1. Turn off the lights at night. Leaving the lights on overnight, or while you’re away at class still draws power.
  2. Unplug your unused power cord. We all live off of our portable tech, and while we do need to charge these every so often, we don’t need to keep the power cord plugged in all of the time. Even though our power cord isn’t directly charging our cellphones or laptops, if it’s plugged into the wall, it’s drawing power.

Join Our Community!

Most importantly, we’d like to thank you for choosing KW4Rent. Keep an eye on your inbox for our monthly tenant newsletter. We also have a great line-up for gift card giveaways, which we’re starting up again in October. When we kick-off our tenant appreciation events, they’ll be posted throughout our buildings and on our social media pages.


If you aren’t following us already, please make sure to like and follow our pages to stay up to date on all of our community events.

Click here to check-out our video from move-in weekend!